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Our story

New adventures, new skills, new friends for life

Join us on a new adventure where you will learn new skills in leadership and teamwork that you will keep for life. 

What we do

Here is a quick snapshot of the activities we do

Aviation Experiences

Cadets will have the opportunity to participate in powered flying and gliding the aim being all Cadets will have an aviation experience with us

Cadets in the plane's cabin

Aerospace Skills

During squadron home training Cadets will the have opportunity to engage small - medium size drones which includes learning how to build and fly them safely

Australian Air Force Cadet experiences an Air Force virtual reality

Field Skills

Cadets will have the opportunity to participate in field activities ranging from field orienteering with map and compass to field leadership

The group of young cadets


But that's just the beginning

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AAFC National Parade

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9000+ Air Force Cadets

1,200 Adult volunteers

144 Cadet squadrons across Australia

81 Years of proud history

updated 05 Apr 2023

Grace Wilton

Through the AAFC I learnt resilience, confidence and a ‘never give up’ attitude. I initially wished to join the AAC due to my father’s connections with the army however landed here in the AAFC, a decision I am always grateful I made. I hope to continue my involved no matter where in Australia I am as a staff member when I age out in December of this year.

Cadet Under Officer Grace Wilton

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