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Nash with Cadets


Plan and execute experiences that are unforgettable from taking Cadets out bush to running leadership courses on Air Force bases. There are a range of activities volunteers can plan with support from Air Force.

Cadets and staff marching


Assist the Cadets in conducting training. Volunteers are also given the tools to succeed in the organisation develop their own skills for use at the squadron. 

Cadets talking to Staff


Mentor today's youth in leadership and give them life skills that they will cherish.   


A world of possibilities

Be apart of the best youth development organisation 

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I volunteer with the Australian Air Force Cadets because I love being a part of a community dedicated to Youth Development.  Surrounding myself with passionate, enthusiastic and likeminded people inspires me to give back to an organisation that gave me so much as a young cadet myself.

Personally, I have a great sense of pride in the work I do.  Whilst contributing to the program and outcomes for the Air Force Cadets, I am rewarded with opportunities to grow and develop my own skills in areas of leadership, instruction, strategic planning and decision making. These are skills that I have been able to use in day to day life.

Wing Commander (AAFC) Kylie Walker

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