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Give your Cadet access to activities and opportunities that aren't accessible to other organisations including their first flying experiences, visits to Air Force bases, and opportunity to lead their peers. 

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The training on offer from the Air Force Cadets is enormous we take cadets through a structured courses teaching them fundamentals of aerospace, fieldcraft, leadership, and how they can develop themselves. 

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The aerospace theme gives cadets access to a variety of experiences in the aerospace domain. From visits to Air Traffic Control Towers, building and flying drones, cyber experiences, flying in our powered aircraft and gliders sky is the limit! 

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Career possibilities

Through the foundation career pathways program Cadets are given access to aerospace industry companies for work experience and visits.  

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Parental Commitments

As a parent to a Cadet there are expectations that you will be driving the Cadet to and from activities which include parades on the nominated night during the week and weekend activities.  

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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Subsidised by the Air Force your Cadets get the opportunity to participate in the international Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

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Staff Responsibilities

Staff have responsibilities to conduct safe and inclusive activities for Cadets. There several checks put in place before an activity is conducted to ensure your Cadet is in safe hands. 

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Being a member of the AAFC has meant more to me than any other experience I have been privileged enough to receive throughout my teenage years. It has taught me a numerous number of valuable skills that I use and will continue to use throughout the rest of my life.

Through the AAFC I learnt resilience, confidence and a ‘never give up’ attitude. I initially wished to join the AAC due to my father’s connections with the army however landed here in the AAFC, a decision I am always grateful I made. I hope to continue my involved no matter where in Australia I am as a staff member when I age out in December of this year.

The AAFC has provided me with a significant number of my friends who I am confident I will know well into my life as well as moulded me into the person I am today. I fully intend to try and convey this same experience to the new cadets who come after me as a staff member. Receiving the Cadet of the Year award could not have ended my cadet career on a higher note. I am proud to bring this award to 6 WG to show ambitious junior cadets that the sky is the limit. I have always tried to be present on large SQN and WG activities, an endeavour made easier by my attendance at both 602, my primary SQN and 604 SQN. I hope to be the first of many Cadet of the Year winners and to make those who follow me proud to share this phenomenal award.​

Cadet Under Officer Grace Wilton


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