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With Air Force Cadets we aim to give you experiences that will push you further and make you the best version of yourself. From leading sections of fellow Cadets out in the bush to planning and executing your own field activities. All Cadets are afforded the same opportunities no matter their background to bring out their best. 


The Air Force Cadets offers a range of learning opportunities at the squadron level and wing level

Air and Space

AAFC members often hold in common a love of aerospace. Aerospace is the thread that runs through the AAFC mission, and AAFC’s affiliation with the Air Force underscores its identity as an aerospace-minded organisation. Whenever possible, cadet activities will further cadets’ enthusiasm for aerospace, as “aerospace” is broadly understood.

Cadets disembark a C-130J Hercules at RAAF Base Pearce

Field Skills

Fieldcraft provides Cadets an opportunity to develop skills in field safety, navigation techniques, leadership, military field craft, scenario-based military-like training, and living in the field.  

Cadets out field

Service Knowledge

Service knowledge involves a broad range of topics focused on Air Force and AAFC knowledge and history.

Cadet Warrant Officer Damon Cooke salutes Squadron Leader Bill Gleeson-Barker during 3WG drill competition

Drill and Ceremonial

The purpose of Drill and Ceremonial is to develop in cadets the self-discipline and physical control required to operate effectively in an military-like context. Becoming proficient in drill provides opportunities to represent the Air Force and Air Force Cadets in ceremonial events like ANZAC day and other ceremonial occasions in your community.

CUO Zhang leads AAFC parade

Community Engagement

Community engagement focuses on a building a cadet’s capacity to engage with their local community

Australian Air Force Cadets lay a wreath during a Last Post service at the Menin Gate Memorial


Spacer-X is the AAFC’s approach to STEM which aims to build cadet skills such as innovation, design and systems thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Cadet using VR headset

Personal Development and Leadership

As youth, cadets are developing their sense of self. Being exposed to the PDL, and engaging in opportunities to develop the associated qualities, encourages cadets to adopt a range of attributes, skills and behaviours that will benefit them and their communities.

Cadets being directed by an adult staff

What are the time commitments?

The time commitments are very similar  for Cadets and Volunteers, however there are some differences.
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Other Activities

Cadet pilot

Powered flying

With 3 sites across the country RAAF Base Richmond(NSW), RAAF Base Point Cook (VIC), and RAAF Base Amberley (QLD). Flying the Diamond DA-40 Cadets will have the opportunity for an Air Experience with the possiblity of pilot training on the Aircraft. 

Cadet in glider with instructor


Cadets will have the opportunity have a flight in a Glider with 3 sites across the country Warwick QLD, Bathurst NSW, and Balaklava SA there are also opportunities for flying camps during school holdays. 

Union 5.png

Musician camps

Musician courses are run in some regions, NSW, QLD, and VIC. These courses give the opportunity for Cadets to participate in musician activities in the ADF context from marching with the band to attending the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Some squadrons also have drum corps...

Union 3 (1).png

International exchanges

Air Force Cadets participates in programmes like the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) and the regions are also able to organise their own International Activities like the Nijmegen March or Kokoda Trek. 


Pathways to an Aerospace Career

The Foundations offers exciting opportunities for pathways into real aerospace careers go to the page below to find out more!


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