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The Air Force Cadets gives you access to a range of activities from parading at the squadron to visits on Air Force bases and experiencing what life is like in the Air Force. 

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Training given at parades and training courses give you the experience to lead fellow Cadets and become teachers of your fellow cadets. 

Cadet Warrant Officer On Parade

Cadet Life

Cadet life ranges from being a part of a squadron and learning the ropes to going on large scale regional activities with cadets from across the state. 

One Small Step....

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Career possibilities

Through the AAFC foundation there are experiences available to go to real companies in industry and experience what it is like to work there. 

Plane and the globe

Overseas Activities

The Air Force Cadets gives the opportunity to participate in International Air Cadet Exchanges which a range of countries across the world participate in Cadets previously have gone to North America, Netherlands, France, UK, and other countries. There also other activities that are conducted overseas that are just as exciting.

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Cadet Skills

Cadet Skills are the foundations of your training they are all throughout your Cadets career and are everlasting skills, you can take anywhere.  

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Adventurous Activities

With adventure activities in fieldcraft you will get the opportunity to practice fieldskills and learn how to lead in the field environment

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Being apart of an organisation where we develop youth to be a better version of ourselves is something to be proud of.

Cadet Under Officer Ryan McNamee

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