Queensland Air Museum

What does QAM do?

Home to nearly 100 aircraft, Queensland Air Museum has developed into Australia’s largest and most diverse aviation museum, with a focus on Australian Aviation history. This has been achieved through acquisitions and restoration of historically significant aircraft.

The QAM offering is unique; there are not many museums that allow visitors to get up this close and personal to displays.  The museum has many significant aircraft including the F-111, and also has a display dedicated to the WW2 Pathfinder Force that was led by Air Vice-Marshal Don Bennett, a Queenslander.

QAM jet
QAM jet 2
QAM overhead

What activities can QAM offer?

QAM provides a great venue for Cadets to learn the history of aviation in Australia.  QAM is open to considering any request for a visit providing timing can be mutually agreed.  The activity is open to negotiation, but will generally include some or all of the following:

  • Guided tours of some of the aircraft exhibits.
  • Presentations on how the aircraft are restored and presented for display.
  • Overview of the role that the WW2 Bomber Command Pathfinders Force and its commander (Australian) AVM Don Bennett played in the air war in WW2.  
  • Potentially personal recollections by some of the volunteer staff at the QAM about their own experiences in Aviation.
  • QAM is located at Caloundra and so is potentially accessible by Cadet units in SE Queensland. 

  • A QAM arranged volunteer could potentially visit a cadet unit in the Brisbane/Caloundra area. 

  • QAM hold ‘open cockpit’ days when certain aircraft are opened up for inspection and the chance to sit inside the cockpit.