Collins Aerospace

What does Collins Aerospace do?

Collins Aerospace in Australia has its headquarters in Sydney, with regional presence in more than 10 locations across Australia, including 7 military bases. Collins Aerospace is part of Raytheon Technologies with over 185,000 people globally as a leader in the defence and aerospace industries.

Collins Cockpit

Collins Aerospace in Australia is the developer and supplier of multiple capabilities to the Australian Defence Force including forward observer targeting systems, perimeter surveillance systems, and industry leading simulator systems. We have a keen focus on both Defence and civil customer communities.

Collins Aerospace in Australia is proud to be a key supplier in the Joint Strike Fighter program, producing over 40% of the global F-35 fleet Distributed Aperture Systems of which 6 go on every aircraft. In addition, Collins Aerospace in Australia has recently established a high end clean room capability for the manufacture and support of key components which are utilised in each and every JSF simulator projector system globally.

Collins Pilot

Collins Aerospace in Australia prides itself on the constant drive for innovation. An example of recent success is in the development of the worlds first underwater military GPS system that is currently being utilised by the Australian Defence Force and will be exported to defence forces globally.

What activities can Collins offer?

Collins Aerospace in Australia would be please to offer a site visit experience to groups of Australian Air Force Cadets. The visit would be conducted at our Lane Cove West facility and would provide the cadets with the opportunity:

  • Tour the facility and understand how an aerospace company operates;
  • View the manufacture of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter technologies;
  • View the JTAC simulator system (6 meter dome simulator) and experience training examples;
  • View other military technologies being utilised by the Australian Defence Force and global defence organisations;
  • Speak with various Collins Aerospace staff and understand their careers in the aerospace industry with a focus on promoting women into the Aerospace industry; and
  • Discuss career opportunities including how you can enter the aerospace industry.

The facility tour would be designed to provide the cadets of an experience where they are encouraged to engage with staff and ask questions.

The tour would need to be a coordinated time/date between the Cadet organisation and Collins Aerospace.

Where can they offer activities?

Collins operates at many sites but primarily visits can be conducted at their Lane Cove West facility.

Collins Activity Map


Opportunities at Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace in Australia utilises a spectrum of skills across our entire organisation. Our focus is on creating a culture that supports our people that encourages innovation and diversity. We are committed to the safety of our people and the environment. We strive to be the world’s best work place.

We are always looking for people to join our organisation at any stage in their career. From school leavers, graduates or people further along in the life careers, we are always looking for great people to join our team.

If you want to know more, please contract our Human Resources leader (Katie Avenell or look for opportunities below at the global portal.

Collins Aerospace Careers