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What does Northrop Grumman Australia do?

Northrop Grumman Australia is a top-10 Australian Defence company with a significant history in supporting the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and specifically the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).  Programs such the Triton unmanned aerial vehicle, C-27J Spartan, KC-30 Air to Air Refueller, Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) and Special Purpose Aircraft (SPA) are aircraft fleets that Northrop Grumman Australia supports which could provide the foundation for a successful collaboration with the AAFC.  


What activities can Northrop Grumman Australia offer?

Northrop Grumman Australia is open to considering requests for a visit providing timing can be mutually agreed. Also, current Northrop Grumman Australia STEM programs such as Cyber Taipan, “The Science of Rockets,” and Space Camp are potential areas for AAFC activities. The activity is open to negotiation, but will generally include some or all of the following depending on location and facilities available:

  • An introduction to Northrop Grumman Australia operations for cadet groups at a local Northrop Grumman Australia facility;
  • Participation in a specific activity, for example a STEM program such as Cyber Taipan;
  • Fostering the award of potential university and TAFE scholarships; or
  • Overview of career opportunities in Northrop Grumman Australia and entry requirements (for example, internships and graduate programs).

Where can they offer activities?

Northrop Grumman Australia could provide the greatest range of activities at their main facilities which are located in:

  • Canberra, ACT;
  • Brisbane or Amberley, QLD; and
  • Richmond, NSW.

 Future programs could be offered in Adelaide, SA as significant Northrop Grumman Australia programs reach maturity.

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